bmatcher - brace matcher



bmatcher 1.0 is a commandline program that matches braces in a simplistic way. it is cross-platform code. you choose which types of braces you want to match. for example, for HTML, you would use -ab for angle brackets.

it is intended to be run against source code files in which missing perens or braces makes for critical mistakes.


  • shows mismatches and opens in a report showing where they are in a grep-able format.
  • can show matches in the report in a grep-able format.


  • state machine that handles single and double-quoted strings, and to-end-of-line and block comments (user-configurable) v1.5.4
  • v2.0 adds HTML5,XML,XHTML5 validator but needs it working (broken for some reason). needs a working version of 1.5.4's code to replace matchBrackets(). requires config files.


right click on download button and save file as. extract with 7-Zip. binaries are in the \32\ and \64\ directories.

Download Now
bmatch-1.0.7z - source and executable (10/8/2017, 5MB)

Download Now
bmatch-1.1.7z - source and executable (10/8/2017, 5MB)